Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

April tagged me for this meme and it is actually one I think I'll do...

Next Five Books on Your TBR Shelf: (only 5? You've gotta be kidding.)

Split Ends by Kristin Billerbeck
Monday Morning Faith by Lori Copeland
Swimming Lessons by Mary Alice Monroe
Stealing Adda by Tamara Leigh (which I thought I'd read, but don't think I actually have)
Mending Places by Denise Hunter

Last Four Books You've Read: (for fun or review? B-I-G difference. I'll go with review that I most enjoyed.)

This Strange New Feeling by Julius Lester
Over Her Head by Shelley Bates
The Redemption of Sarah Cain by Beverly Lewis
Veil of Fire by Marlo Schalesky

Last Three Books You've Borrowed: (note: I don't borrow books often so I have to dig deep here.)

A Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver Van DeMille
Proof by Bill Bright and Jack Cavanaugh
Intimate Allies by Dan Allender and Tremper Longman

last Two Non-Fiction Books You've Read:

Lean Mommy by Lisa Druxman
Songs in the Key of Solomon by Anita and John Renfroe

The One Book You Wish Everyone Would Read:

Besides the Bible?
Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas (Sacred Parenting is pretty great, too)

I tag Mandy!

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