Thursday, February 09, 2012

When All Is Naught

Go to the greenhouse.

I have this friend who lets me come dig in her dirt and we both pretend it's my job.
I work for trade.
And I would totally work for free. (shhhh, don't tell!)
It's just an added bonus that I get to take some of the goods home with me.

As I've been telling my sisters (one that is my sister and one that does a bang up job on the stand in position) I find that there is this inner rage that is riding just below the surface at all times these days. They ask me "at what?"

Yeah, that's the problem. It could be anything. You never know when my blood pressure is going to soar. It could be a marker cap. It could be parents in a crosswalk. It could be that old lady who is driving so slowly she might as well be in freakin' reverse. And without a doubt it is the Old Navy coupon that won't work at checkout even though it clearly states that the sale starts today. And if it is only on baby gear they stinking should have written that ON the COUPON. "Oh, baby, what a sale" could mean anything, ya know? And they were all kids clothes, sheesh. (Because, you know, four our of five of my children have outgrown everything they own suddenly and the fifth one needs a whole wardrobe.)

My blood pressure just went up thinking about THAT one again. And here I thought I let it go.

My sister gave me a pass. She said, "Well you have been under a little stress lately."

Ya think?

So.......I went to the greenhouse. And I dug around in the dirt. So much cheaper than therapy. I spent two hours pretending it was May. The cats also thought it was May. And after we decided they were not fighting, I also got to laugh. A lot. Poor kitty. Him? I don't feel sorry for.

Alas, planting is done for the time being.

But on the bright side, I have a BIRTH CERTIFICATE! And it declares that Iris Brent Chaos is our full and legal child. Now on to passports....


Anonymous said...

You are a fantastic writer and very comical!! is that really Iris name with Chaos in it? i love that you used Brent.. You guys are too cute!!
I thought she has some of Brents characteristics. she is adorable and you have a beautiful family!! they are a good mix of you both.
I think we are done with 2. and love them to death. I am actually in process of being a surrogate. just got matched with a new couple in NY. I am very excited about helping them out with such a huge blessing!! every mom,and wife out there should experiece this great love of being a parent!! take care! Robin (duerksen) Murray

Senior Citizen said...

Yep, digging in the dirt really helps to relax. I can't wait to get Mrs out in the garden and grab a cup of hot joe (home roasted Eathopian coffee) and get settled on the porch easy chair. Relaxes Mrs and that relaxes me - unless she hides my coffee cup again. Hope it's not in the garden where the cats can find it. Yuck!

Chaos-Jamie said...

Robyn, the only part of her name that is correct is the Brent part. :) It's an Ethiopian thing. Father's first name is child's middle name, regardless of gender. (All my kids have aliases so as to preserve them from their friends' torment when they are in middle school.)

MotherT said...

I've been thinking about Spring gardening. Hoping my knees will allow me to do some this year.

I've been taking my frustrations out in shredding LOTS of old papers. I'm cleaning out all of the old paper stashing places.

So very excited about the birth certificate! C'mon passport!!!