Monday, February 18, 2013

A Normal Day

We went to the zoo yesterday. It was a gorgeous February Sunday afternoon in Kansas and out and doing was far better than in and trying unsuccessfully to nap. Or painting, which my love has been making me do any time we get a free hour and a half.

All the animals were really active. Maybe they were as tired of being cooped up for winter as we were. What, you don't see animals in this picture? Huh.

My monkey wanted to have a rest in the monkey nest.

"Why does the baby keep hitting the mama?" "Maybe he doesn't want to let her have a Sunday nap, either."

must pose with all statues.

oh look, another statue

huh, another statue.
The most extraordinary thing about the day was its complete ordinariness. It was a normal day.

Those of you who haven't adopted an older child might not understand the significance of that. Those of us in adoptive circles have been known to whisper or yell, "When will this feel normal?!" Those of you who adopted a newborn for your first child, I feel your pain, too. Your life will never be normal again. However, it will be far richer.

I'm happy to report that at the ten month zoo visitation mark, there are moments of normalcy. Enough so that even the children noticed. I feel especially qualified to say that since we did the zoo twice in our first month....and didn't brave it again until now. So I know to which I compare.

If you are in the throes, take a deep breath. Normal is coming. It may be a new normal, but it is coming.