Sunday, January 22, 2012


I am admittedly a little horrified to blog about this today after my delightful post last night, however, at the risk of being a hypocrite of my own making....

Since my blog post "Nesting" got such a huge reaction--I'm not sure I've read the word "horrible" so many times in a single day before--I thought I'd post a photo of the process.

The "horrible" wallpaper (that, seriously, would have been gorgeous when it was put up) was obviously high quality. It came off easier than any wallpaper I have ever removed before. After the kids started it, I couldn't help but snitch a piece every time I walked past. It came off in sheets. Brent and our friend Mike got the rest off on Friday evening. Except for that scrap by the stairs you can still see. Brent recommended we leave it for posterity. Mike nixed the idea.

Two large walls are now painted. A couple small walls are as well. And the scaffolding that has been blocking my access to the laundry room all weekend is now down for another week.

Brent was feeling so good about the progress, that yesterday he and the boys started stripping their bathroom of the pink roses in there.

There are/were a lot of roses in this house. My boys don't think that is appropriate for a male dominated household for some reason.

Unfortunately, the pink roses don't want to come off and we will probably have to work on that in our off time all week while the scaffolding is down.


However, my mind in being occupied by nonsensical things and when I sleep, I sleep like the dead.

I can work with that.


Liz said...

Get a humidifier for the bathroom to help the wallpaper down.

Wow. That is a lot of roses.

Probably if someone moved into my house right now they'd say "Wow. That is a lot of green."

Chaos-Jamie said...

Liz, last night I told Brent I was thinking about going "all kinds of crazy" on the color in the bathroom. And then I proceeded to look at the blues and greens...when I threw the whole thing down and accused myself of "a lot of green" also. I might have to have an orange wall just to make a point to myself. Or not. Because green is so pretty.

Betty D said...

Jamie, If you can tear the top paper part of the wall paper off, or score it with a wall paper remover tool that puts holes in it, then get a cheap pressurized lawn sprayer and use a fairly strong vinegar/water mixture, spray the wall paper with the vinegar mix, let it set a bit, it cuts the wall paper paste nicely. Better than using chemicals and much cheaper. Smells like you are making pickles tho. Have fun. Love seeing your progress.