Thursday, January 19, 2012

Life Partner Goodness

Last night a had a very strange dream.

In this dream, I had left my husband (not Brent) to give this other guy (not Brent) a try.

Yes, I know both of them and No. *shudder*

In this dream I was desperately trying to figure out what was missing. I'd determined that this new guy was great to cuddle with--he just "felt right" (and incidentally was shaped much like Brent)--but he had no substance, but when I considered going back to my "husband" I couldn't get over the fact that he was just such a goober and I didn't know why I'd ever married him in the first place. Ugh.

In case you are curious, I suspect this dream was in direct relation to the conversation I had with someone last evening about people leaving their spouses for another flawed person and how it rarely makes life better for long because we are ALL such a mess...

Anyway, desperation in my dream.

Glorious awakening.

Wherein I laid one on Brent as if morning breath did not exist.

"I'm so glad I get to do life with you!" I told him.

"Where'd that come from?" Asked the man whose wife went to sleep treating him like they'd been married for 15 years. In other words, not overly enthusiastic about doing life together. Not mean, or anything, just, you know, routine.

Sometimes dreams work out in his favor.

And sometimes he has to deal with a mad wife whose dream husband picked a bitter dream fight with her.

Poor guy.

In the life partner game, I really lucked out.

Like my friend, Meg, says:

No. Kiss.

Lay one on him like you LIKE him.

There you go!


Sara W said...

Pregnancy will make you have strange dreams!

Liz said...

I know, sometimes I look at my husband and I'm like HE IS SO CUTE! and have to kiss him all over again like it's the first time

meg duerksen said...

you seem like you knew what you were doing. ha!