Friday, January 27, 2012

Friends and Facebook and Holdovers from another time

 I don't even know how to say what needs to be said.

I'm pretty sure "So, I have this friend..." doesn't do it justice.

I'm pretty sure the person who sent this won't want to be acknowledged.

But when I went to the mail on Wednesday I had this package from her that blew me away.
In it was this shawl. She coined the phrase "prayer shawl" which made me think "interesting....Jewish?"

No, while she made the shawl, she prayed for me. And my new daughter.

And journaled what, specifically, she prayed.

I have never, I'm certain, been the recipient to such a tangible expression of the love of God expressed through believers.

I mean, look at all that writing. Yes, a lot of work went into the shawl, but that is some tiny script. It's a lot of prayer.
And then today, another friend started the happy face hand, a remnant of middle school angst.

It made my day.


I am relatively certain that God has given me much better friends than I deserve. And in these instances from people I haven't seen in YEARS. Like 17 of them or more.

I know I'm going to make at least three people gag, but I am thankful for Facebook and the people it has returned to my life.

Especially the ones who've forgiven my thoughtless pre and teen angst and accept me for who I am now and will potentially be.

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