Monday, December 16, 2013

What Dreams Are Made Of.

I had a dream last night that rocked me to my core.

We were leaving the church Christmas program and piling into our van like we do when a dirty little girl with uncombed hair wordlessly climbed in on my lap where she appeared to have no intentions of leaving. She didn't speak, just sat. Brent and I consulted and we came to the decision that we needed to find someone who knew where this child belonged.

Brent stayed in the van with the kids and I took the girl into Orphanage? Projects? Colorless hallways where I did, finally, find an elderly woman who told me the girl's story. Her mother was dead and she was looking for another one. What about her father? He beat her. Where is child services? No one cares about these children.

Somehow I got up and faced this little girl. I prayed for her protection. I prayed she would find a mother. And I promised her I would not rest until she was safely cared for. She grew up before my eyes as she drew up, into herself, steeling her resolve and she told me, "Never you mind. There's more of me. There's always more of me."

I looked around and I was surrounded by dirty children and no adults save the one old, tired, grandma and I felt completely hopeless.

When I dream like this, detailed enough I can write it down, I generally ask, "Lord, what am I to do? She's right. You 'save' one and there are always ten more. Not only that, you look back and ask yourself if you did the right thing 'saving' one in the first place."

My husband, in his wisdom, reminded me that this is why we sponsor through organizations like World Vision. And sponsor some more. And encourage others to sponsor.

He's right. We need to keep children in families. And we need to give families the resources necessary to care for their children.

Please, for the love of all that is holy, come alongside me and help these kids.

Twelve years ago, we accidentally happened upon being one of the very first sponsors of a brand, spanking, new ADP (Area Development Program, I believe) and we were able to see, with our very own eyes, what World Vision does from beginning to (near) completion. It is truly amazing.

You have that opportunity now. World Vision is opening a brand new ADP in The Democratic Republic of Congo and you can get in on the ground level. All the kiddos on my page are in the same ADP. You can sponsor one and a friend of yours can sponsor another. And your grandmother can sponsor a third. And you can see synergy happen. You can talk about something more important than the weather. You can visit them together. Imagine....

We've done this before. Let's do it again. Help me help this little girl.
Be the change.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

For the Tired Mommies in the Thick of the Christmas Trauma

Go Again.

Because some of us need a daily reminder of why we can't just give up.