Friday, January 20, 2012


I came home from Ethiopia thinking we should never spend another dime on anything reomtely unnecessary ever again.

And then immediately went to the grocery store and bought Lay's Stax and Gummy SweetTarts because they just sounded SO GOOD.

Brent came home from Ethiopia in his eighth month of pregnancy. In urgent need to nest. While I was sleeping away the pain, he was plotting. Because His Girl can't come home to 1995 Rose wallpaper.

I give you Demo Day and The Children Who Are So Enthusiastic About Helping That They Cannot Get Themselves Out The Door To School.

Goodbye Rose wallpaper. Hello Mennonite Beige paint.


JJ said...

Ahhh, I love the humor in your posts. We've been home for 2 years and I still feel the same way about not buying anything unnecessary. Ethiopia rocked my world and changed me FOREVER, in a good way. I wish all Americans would go visit for a while. The work ethic would change (for the better), the have it now maybe pay later if you feel like it syndrome would go away probably, etc. And, you HAVE to post pics of the after. I can't wait. It will look like a completely different room. Wow!

missy roepnack said...

oh my GOODNESS. when you and brent told me about the 20 foot foyer with the rose wallpaper, i honestly thought you were being dramatic. this is terrible. this is just terrible. honestly, i would be speechless but i just want to type the word terrible repeatedly in response. praise God for Brent's nesting. because J may have been scared walking into this. i would be. mennonite beige sounds like it will heal these walls of the terrible atrocity that has been committed to it for all these years. i need to go lay down now.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! It makes me smile Every. Single. Time. Praying for that 4 week Embassy we talked about! Now that you passed court, what do you think??


meg duerksen said...

we have that SAME wall paper.
it's in our tiny teeny entry walk through of the door we never use. GOOD FOR YOU for taking it off. i betcha for us that it will never come off. i can't imagine hanging it that high?!! or taking off!