Thursday, September 04, 2008

Where Things Stand

I still am not sleeping well. It isn't that I don't sleep. It is that when I wake I am wide awake. And I wake a lot.

I still feel like I could burst into tears at any moment.

I still don't really know why.

When you make a song, a popular song, your heart's cry, and you sing it all day, God answers that cry. And it hurts. Even if it is for your good.

I'd itemize the financial damage that we've endured this last 6 weeks, but that is pathetic. Suffice it to say, we are bumping at the edge of $10K. Over and above the normal budget expenditures.

Thank God, and I mean that literally, that Hubs has this "second job." And even if it does seem like we are spinning our wheels, we are staying afloat. Albeit barely.

I offered to go to work as a barrista or something. Hubs nixed it.

As Hubs keeps saying, "At least it's just financial."

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