Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Smart People, Dumb Things

I'm so tired of people that think they know everything. Particularly when I'm sure they're wrong, but even when they are right, they can be tiresome.

Just give me someone that doesn't have all the answers to all of life's difficulties and I'll show you an honest person.

For example: Potty training. Ask anyone the "right" way to do it and they will have an answer. Of course if you ask most people that have potty trained more than two children and they'll tell you that if you can figure it out, good for you. I used to be in the first crowd. I potty trained my first two well before their second birthday. My third before his third. I'll be lucky if my fourth is trained by kindergarten. (He'll go a week without an accident and ten days without hitting the pot one STINKING time. ((yes, I know, perfect parents, consistency is the key as are cotton underwear. I want to see you potty train at soccer games in a couple years.))).

And guess what? Faith matters are very similar.

I'm tired of people spouting stuff off to me that isn't even correct just because it is the accepted norm.

Just Because “Everyone Believes It”

Doesn’t Make It True

People don’t set out to build their faith upon myths and spiritual urban legends. But somehow such falsehoods keep showing up in the way that many Christians think about life and God. These goofy ideas and beliefs are assumed by millions to be rock-solid truth . . . until life proves they’re not. The sad result is often a spiritual disaster—confusion, feelings of betrayal, a distrust of Scripture, loss of faith, anger toward both the church and God.

But it doesn’t have to be so. In this delightfully personal and practical book, respected Bible teacher Larry Osborne confronts ten widely held beliefs that are both dumb and dangerous. Beliefs like these:

• Faith can fix anything

• Christians shouldn’t judge

• Forgiving means forgetting

• Everything happens for a reason

• A godly home guarantees good kids

…and more.


Boy Mom said...

Ack! Potty training, don't get me started.

I'm always scared I come across as a know it all, well, except for potty training, I'm always telling myself to shut up, I never listen though.

Sounds like a great book.

Chaos-Jamie said...

Me too! I think that may be why it is such a pet peeve of mine. I'm opinionated, but I've also lived long enough to know that I might not know everything. I TRY to shut up more than talk now. (My friends will tell you I fail.)

Anonymous said...

My name is Imperfect Mom and I am a lazy potty trainer.

I simply didn't care with AM. I figured he'd have it figured out sooner or later, lol. I think he was four before he was fully trained.

I'm sure I'm the mom that other moms talk about. Especially those that seem to think some sort of trophy will be handed out for early potty training.

As a side note: who ARE these mothers that can "not go anywhere or do anything" for a week or more to potty train. That's the advice I always see "you need to set aside a week and plan to just STAY HOME and dedicate yourself to potty training".

Really? No wonder I'm "Imperfect".

Mother Mayhem said...

VERY good point. ;o)

I potty trained using stickers. Emily loved them, so, I let her stick one on a homemade potty chart every time she went.

That and cotton panties. LOL.