Monday, June 29, 2009

UnChristian Thoughts

I long to embrace the fact that my calling is to keep the home fires burning.

I don't.

I try.

I cry.

And the days go screaming by.

Obedience can be so difficult when I can see no clear "why."


My husband got called for jury duty today (when we were supposed to be in Africa) and (shocker!) got sent home. I can't imagine why considering we have an eight year old daughter and all and the case was about the icky mistreatment of a nine year old girl.

Fry him.

That was unChristian of me.

Stone him.

Yes, that's better.

(Innocent until proven guilty. Innocent until proven guilty. Deep Breath.)

1 comment:

Sr Citizen said...

Tired of Jury Duty? Just tell them the accused obviously looks guilty. Needs a haircut, hate tattoo's, don't trust judges and lawyers. You will do it if forced, but don't expect you to stay awake, you need sleeping pills to sleep at night and they have a drowsy effect on you for several hours. You will be out the door in 2 minutes. Done it! Not proud of it, but was better than sentencing a sleezy looking long hair the the jury later found not guilty. Idiots ! he was guilty.

O well, no calls since. Sr. Citizen