Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Inane Car Games (and the subject that won't go away)

One of the great joys of having pre-teens is re-living those awkward years all over again. This time more indignant and hopefully wise, but unfortunately, meanwhile, being the recipient of the eye roll and the you-don't-understands.

It also means your kids learn inane car games from their friends. It started with "Bingo" (which means "yellow car"). Which, of course, becomes "red car," "blue car," "white car." And is, at that point, rendered pointless.

So I taught my kids "beetle bop" also known as "slug bug" in some areas of the country. But with all the PT Cruisers and Mini Coopers floating around these days, also is confusing. At least to start. Now it's just three car games in one. Or four when you throw in Bingo on top of it. (Beetle Bop Bingo, being the ultimate in winning calls.)

Our average car ride conversation sounds something like this: Mom? Yeah? Mom, I want a....BINGO!...I want a.....CRUISER RED!....a new....BEETLE BOP GREEN!.....a new folder for my....MINI COOPER STRIPED!...for my....FUNKY CAR!(I forgot this one....any car with a paint job or body worthy of mention)...BEETLE BOP....NO...CRUISER SILVER! Uh, Mom? Yes? I forgot. BINGO!

All while Charming is screaming "beetwal bop gween" whether or not there is, in fact, a green beetle bop. There may be a green CAR. And there may not. And if he calls it, you must respond "stinker" because Eldest will call anyone who calls a car before him "stinker." And if you now call a beetle bop with Charming in the car, he will, in fact, holler, "Stinker! I was cawing that!" So, in the midst of the aforementioned conversation, insert Charming's speech. Because if I wrote that all in, you're mind would overload.

And, because it has become so insane that Hubs and I can't even talk in the car anymore, I started a new game called SILVER VAN!


Hubs is not amused.


Mrs. D said...

Dying laughing about the Silver Van thing.

MotherT said...

Try adding in a 9 yr. old who MUST! SHARE! TRIVIA! with you at the same time that all of the beetle bop/PT/bingo is going on. Oh how I have lived this!

At least they are still talking to you and each other. Another couple of years and mostly you'll hear grunts.

mommy4life said...

Yes and we have added "Boggle" which is an orange car unfortunately and have to disallow the yellow car down the street because it is ALWAYS there and oh yeah, sorry if they learned the inane games from here....(said with a blush).

Senior Citizen said...

Fair warning, Charming (tiny terror) will be here in a few minutes. Now, I must rememaber to take my hearing aid batery OUT

Darn coffee cup, wonder where , MRS hide it this time? She was cleaning the aquariam yesterday. probably why all the fish are going caffene crazy-good place to look first - then check out the ceiling in the garage. Sr. Citizen

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Unknown said...

Ah. Talk about car games! The Silver Van made me burst into laughter. LOL. My husband and I planned of buying a couple of used cars (Indianapolis, Indiana area), and our three kids got really excited. We headed our way to find Volvo, red Volkswagen, Chevy Impala (all their choices, without asking us what we want) used cars in Indianapolis last week and it was a fun chaos all day! Hubby and I just find ourselves smiling..