Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Twisted Day

The good news: we had a showing and even though my beloved was indisposed and couldn't help me clean, I got the house ready with nine minutes to spare.

Thoughts: If we had a showing every three to four days, I don't think it would ever get incredibly messy. On the flip side of that thought is the fact that I walk trough the house like a crazy woman on a rampage scooping up plates before people are done with them and end up doing twice the dishes. That and I screech a lot when I walk into a room that has been put into disarray. I don't like this.

The bad news: A guy was shot four blocks away DURING the showing. (In the leg and drove himself to the hospital. I take it that means he's fine.)

Thoughts: here's hoping the gun had a silencer and the people who looked don't watch the news.

And that is all, for my brain is fried with cleaning product fumes and adrenaline.

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S said...

That's what happens when you live in the ghetto over there. JK! I was a little freaked out when I saw that had happened. But WHY did the guy drive himself to the hospital?! Certainly they knew him?
Now I need to dig out our bulletproof vests to wear grocery shopping!