Saturday, December 11, 2010

Because I'm 35 and, dang it, I can

I have pierced my nose.

So far I have been described as "emo proper" and "crazy." Eldest said, "nasty." Princess said, "I hope you decide you don't like that soon."  I think I have legitimately embarrassed my children. Neither Frodo, nor Charming have noticed it yet. I don't think any of my friends who were at dinner with me approved. I'm almost certain my parents will be mortified.

But I've wanted to do this for years and my husband, whose opinion I most value aside from Jesus, told me it was OK with him. He also used the word "sexy." I think he's lying to try to be supportive, but I treasure him for that.

Wendi went with me.

I love that girl.


Senior Mort. said...

Forget to take your mommy be nice pill? No problem, I can take two of my daddy be nice pills. Sr. Mort.

Senior said...

Mrs. Sr. Mort will probably need 6 of her mommy be nice pills - Serves her right - she might quit hiding my darn coffee cup. Sr. Morty

Mrs. D said...

Ha Ha! Gutsy! Can't wait to see'd the in-laws react?

Anonymous said...

Jamie, that is awesome!!!! I wish you could meet Dona. You would like her. But I think you won't be around much longer for that :>)


mommy4life said...

1 - Just because your friends have low pain thresholds and don't want to think about blowing their own nose with a cold with a stud in it doesn't mean they don't approve. ;-)
2 - It shouldn't matter what they think anyway, that isn't why you did it? Right?