Sunday, July 08, 2012

Fox News

We've been joking around these parts that we must live in the Fox News Network.



Last night, Charming asked for chocolate milk. Iris wanted some, too (she doesn't drink milk). Charming saw my mini boxes of raisins and asked for one. Iris wanted one, too. (Charming decided he didn't like them.) I hand Charming an ibuprofen tablet to knock his fever down and I hear, "Mom, I have one, too?"
There are just some areas I have to draw the line. Medication is one.

She has been compulsively checking her temperature for 24 hours, like she hopes she can get sick, too. Wouldn't want to be left out.

I kid you not, these children will not let ANYTHING pass. I'm raising twins all over again.

I find myself, twelve times a day, saying, "Seriously?"

At this point, I should put in the disclaimer that it goes both ways.

It goes both ways.

However, one of my children is used to being the baby and being above the rules. One of my children is all about justice. (Actually two are, but for the sake of the conversation...) And the statement, "he's five" is lost in translation. And doesn't sound half as good as "he's two" for an excuse.

The little prince isn't enjoying that his sister is putting the kibosh on his status of baby.

So these days, I have two children that will gag down a drink because one wanted one. Two children that will overindulge in pork chops because one likes them. Two children that walk because one wants to. Two children that will sleep in a sweater in 110 degree heat because one decided to do so.

Don't even get me started on what it's like when the cousins are in on the action.

Brent and I just look at each other, shake our heads and say, "Fox News."

Someone pass me the Ben & Jerry's. And a side of blood pressure medication.


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