Monday, April 21, 2008

The Divine Wish Granter

I know that all too often we look to God as a Divine Wish Granter. One to whom we bring our requests (often cloaked in Please, please, please(!)) wondering if we stand on one foot and cross our eyes and treat our sister kindly and throw a few extra bucks in the offering He just might favor us with our token.

Last week I don't think I bothered requesting. Hope was virtually nonexistent. I just poured out my heart and told Him that I knew Princess would be devastated and it was all my fault and I knew I was juggling too many balls and I'd dropped them, but if He could find a way for her to not be too disappointed, I'd sure appreciate it.

I'll have you know that rather than console her, He gave her the desire of her heart DESPITE me.

God is good.

(Mommy is so relieved.)

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mommy4life said...

This is when I am humbled. What a great time for Princess....To know that you are human and to look to God as her source (not a wish granter with a magic wand, of course!), but a God who loves us and wants to lavish us with his love....