Friday, October 20, 2006

You Know It Is Time....

For parental involvement in the bedroom cleanings when:

1) You are out of sippy cups even after you've unloaded the dishwasher...and you usually have so many you can just barely fit them all in the cabinet.

2) The only shoe you can find on a frosty morning is one lone pink sandal.

3) Your search for the favorite stuffed animal finds it lost IN THE BEDROOM.

4) Didn't we have more socks than this?

You know, it isn't that I can't send them to their bedrooms with the directive to "clean them." And I can often come up and find them picked up to young-un standards. But there is just something about taking over, dumping out all the bins and re-sorting the things back into their appropriate places that makes life so much easier. Sure, every night I can look under the bed if we need a sippy cup (for the inevitable nightly drink-of-water), but I won't find them. I have to sort the Polly pockets apart from the magnet dolls and stuffed animals. Then I have sippy cups and shoes in profusion.

And why do we store these things in the dress up box?

I started another great book last night. Caveat: You'll have to like the right kind of humor to enjoy it, I'm sure. I just happen to have it. The abhorent book had it's last chance yesterday and blew it. I had to give it up. But check this one out:


Anonymous said...

I need to be doing some marital involvment of cleaning of my bedroom, got to find some place to put my winter clothes out and get rid of all this JUNK

Julie Carobini said...

That book looks like, uh, a good idea :)

And I know that other book you're reading, you know, the hideous one--isn't mine because they haven't been sent out yet. Phew...

C. H. Green said...

Just went through this with my son who woke up one morning to find not one pair of matching socks nor one pair of undies. I posted about it here: