Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I'm a Bum

I know it. I prostrated myself on my bed last night at 7:30. Thankfully we are back into the fall so that it was actually dark outside, but still. I'm just so tired. I know there are hormones involved. I know I'm not eating enough protein. And I think my mental stress is making my whole self shut down.

And does is count that for three weeks running either Hubs or myself has been out of town? Beginning Thursday, we'll be well on our way to four. Followed by a fifth.

Have I made enough excuses yet for failing to blog as regularly as I used to?

But let me tell you this: the last post I did about crickets shut blogger down for me (so I had to delete it), but I have another one. Considering I hate to smoosh crunchy bugs, I've gotten pretty good at it. But I'm not so good about picking up the carcass.

Crickets are cannibals. I keep walking in on another cricket eating the last cricket I smooshed. Ick. That's something you don't learn in general biology.

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