Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Poll

A fellow writer of mine has been told that her subject matter is too controversial for the CBA and she is trying to get lots of opinions in order to either bow to the gods of the CBA or counter their objection. The following is her info. If you feel inclined, email her, K?

This is a romantic suspense novel, titled Hush, Little Baby. Please keep in mind that this fictional story is woven around actual events on the topic of fetal harvesting (otherwise known as baby body parts trafficking).

If you'd like to know more about fetal harvesting, visit

Description of my manuscript is as follows:

Estranged investigative reporting couple, Evan and Amber Blake, team up to expose a baby body parts trafficking ring. Amber poses as a counselor at an abortion clinic, witnesses some abominable events, and discovers the abortionist's darkest secret. But Amber has a secret of her own. Though she longs to reunite with Evan, revealing the truth would drive them farther apart. To make matters worse, Amber is coerced into dating the doctor, and circumstances surrounding the disappearance of a clinic nurse are questionable. To break the story now would end the charade -- or become the catalyst to something far more sinister.

What makes the characters unique is they are little people (dwarves or people of short stature). I feel they are defined by these labels, and intend to show there are other important aspects to their lives.

The two questions I would like answered in your response are:

1. Would you read a book where the plot is centered around fetal harvesting, or is the concept to ugly?

2. Would you read a book with little people as the main characters, but dwarfism isn't the primary focus?

You don't have to confine your comments to only those two questions. If you want to expand on them, any extras are welcome. If you wouldn't like the subject and characters, you can tell me why. Tell me if you would be offended by any of it. But I'd like you to know that even though this book is "edgy", there is no gratuitous material in it.

If you have the time, I would greatly appreciate if you could forward this poll to all of your contacts. If you have a blog, and you feel it's appropriate, it would be great if you could post it there and have your readership direct their responses to If you belong to any organizations that I am not a member of, and it is allowed, I'd be most grateful if you could post it on their loop, and have them send replies to this address.

Thank you all again. I look forward to your opinions!

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