Monday, September 11, 2006

They Want Us Dead

Because I have been encouraged to do so, and because the horror of "The Path to 9/11" is starting to wane in my memory, here is my post that I wrote on 9/11. You'll recognize a few lines, but I'll leave it unedited.

Last week I had dinner with a professing Muslim. An American Muslim. Who, ironically, currently attends a Christian church and seems to finally (after many years of prayer on the parts of people who love him) be at least questioning. I thank God for that. But that isn't what I want to write about.

He said, "They want us dead. They want us all dead. Until we are all dead, they won't stop. That's what people in this country need to understand."

He knows who our enemy is. He isn't talking about his religion in general, he is talking about the enemy America is fighting.

This man is an American. He has American children and grandchildren. He made his money in American capitalism. He loves our country. His and mine.

But he knows and understands our enemy.

You may not support our president. You may be sick of the war. You may think it is over oil, or over politics. You may think it is against Islam in general.

My Muslim friend supports the war. America's side of it. He gets it. And it is time that the rest of us get it, too. They want us dead. And they will not stop until we are. We must stop them.

I'm feeling particularly patriotic tonight. Last night I had nightmares about what life could be. It was an awful night. We have to fight this war. We have to win. We have to stop them.

Pray for our country. Pray for our leaders. Pray for peace, yes, but pray.


Sarah said...

I'm glad you decided to post it. Thanks for being bold!

I was going to post my response here, but it got absolutely, ridiculously long for a comment. So I've posted my response on my comment blog:

kpjara said...

My struggle is that war is the only option...not even war...but innocent death.

I don't understand how this is the only answer. I don't understand why peaceful resolution can't be realized.

That said...I would kill for my family or loved ones. Am I a total hypocrite?

Chaos-Jamie said...

My only answer KP is that we can't resolve peacefully with someone who wants us dead. They don't want peace, they want us dead. Since I'm not willing to die just so they can be happy that the world is ridden of one more Christian, well, I guess we gotta fight 'em.

I know that sounded trite, but I think it is what we are all forgetting. There is no peaceful resolution when one side just wants the other dead, dead, dead.