Monday, September 18, 2006

The Guy I'm Not Dating

I'm such a flake.

Sometime last month I told you that I got this book in the mail, had started it, it seemed like it was going to be cute, and I'd tell you about it when I finished. And then, apparently, the earth opened up and swallowed it from my memory. I wrote no blog, no review, no nada. Eerie considering that I usually fret until I've written about the book I've read, whatever it may be.

So, without further ado and excuses, Trish Perry's The Guy I'm Not Dating.

This was a really fun story line. Her first chapter just sucked me in. It was one of those chapters where you go, "Well of course she's published." So preferable to the "And why am I getting rejections if this stuff is out there?" I hate those.

Kara has decided after reading (though she never directly says it) I Kissed Dating Goodbye (Harris) and ending a nasty relationship, that she will no longer date. And then she meets Mr. Wonderful.

As usual, I'd say. Anytime I make a commitment, it seems to work out that way for me, too.

So, Kara and Gabe do this really cute "We aren't dating, but gosh we'd like to be" dance. It is a great plot with funny side characters and quite a bit of depth, also.

If I have anything negative to say it is that she tends to wax "teachery." I don't mean preachy, like you-should-totally-do-it-this-way. I mean teachery as in just-in-case-you-are-thinking-about-doing-this-here-is-how-one-might-go-about-it. Since I came off working with a youth group that really encourages courting over dating, I was already very familiar with the concept. Shoot, I have friends who didn't kiss until they were on stage in their wedding garb.

She also kinda gives a lesson in how to lead someone to salvation. Good in some respects, irritating in others. I know I'm shallow, but I wanted to move on with the whole Kara/Gabe plot. And even though Gabe's unsaved sister plays a vital role in that plot...I'm just impatient. Neither of these two things make the book bad. I'd say I had a lovely reading experience. I just feel like I should say that the plot (which I greatly enjoyed when it was progressing) slowed down for the teachable moments.

I still give it a thumbs up.

Sorry about my flakiness. Tomorrow I will write about M.L. Tyndall's The Redemption, another one I flaked about and never said what I thought. What is up with that?

I know, it is the age thing. I boldly entered the wise old age of 31 this weekend.

You know what they say about September babies, don't you?


Camy Tang said...

I just started reading this book, too!

Kaye Dacus said...

This one is right near the top of my TBR pile -- just under Redemption, so I can't wait to see your review of that one, too.

(Oh, and you're not the only "shallow" one who gets frustrated when an author tries to teach readers how to witness to the unsaved.)