Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Unexpected Blessings

Today I had the good fortune to be the recipient of a big-for-me God moment. Someone who had no business buying me ANYTHING sent me a "birthday gift" that, the last time I checked was over $400.

The story is better than that and I just blew the climax.

So I got an email on my birthday that asked if I wanted a cake. As I'd already made a cake, I said thanks, but no. I'm tired of telling the kids they've had enough sugar. So a couple hours later I got another email that said she had the privilidge of buying me a birthday present and she hoped it would be delivered this week.

I felt guilty, because her husband is currently unemployed and I figured she did it because I refused the cake.

The next day I got a confirmation about a restaurant gift certificate. I thought that is what she'd bought. I sent her a thanks, you shouldn't have, email. (she had to wonder why I didn't rave a little bit more, but the guilt was talking I was thinking she should have spent the $25 on herself).

Today UPS stopped by with a Bosch Universal and a Whisper Mill. Both of which I have tried to not covet this person for for years.

She did, she really did.

And there is more to the story. In that she attends a home church, so my understanding is that instead of tithing (no building, no paid pastor...) they slate the same money "to be given away." They support children in developing countries, that kind of thing. But she said she prayed about it and really felt that this is what she was supposed to do with the money.

Last year I had a friend tell me that another of her friends said God had told her to pay their mortgage. My friend kept trying to figure out what God would have her do with her spare money of that month, because there had to be a reason that He'd bless her like that. Finally she just came down to "He just loves me."

I know there are starving children in Africa. Orphaned girls in China. Homeless in my own town. All worthy causes. I'm not saying don't give to them. But sometimes I think God just likes to do for us, where we are. And where I was was really wanting this system so that I could make homemade bread, and fast. And it just didn't get prioritized in my budge, because I could make-do with the old school method. But He reached down today, through a person that, in my earthly wisdom, shouldn't have made the sacrifice and told me that He loves me.

I am amazed.

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kpjara said...

God is SO good!