Thursday, September 07, 2006

What Looks Like A Good Deal

Today, after I dropped my kids off at school, Frodo demanded we go garage sale-ing. I know, what do you do with such a demanding child? Especially when he is demanding your favorite pastime.

He wants a "Thing" toy. You know, the Thing from The Fantastic Four. Which was popular Last Year. He all of a sudden got this Thing thing. It isn't like he's seen the movie lately or anything. He just decided he wanted it.

Not a whole lot of garage sales today. But I found one. And I was very excited to find a never used 300 in 0ne Electronic Project Kit for a dollar. It is one of those boards where you can hook up circuits etc. And I haven't given up the idea of homeschooling someday. And, being that my husband and I are both scientifically minded we would, of course, focus on scientific things once they figure out how to read.

I brought the kit home. I opened it to revel in my great buy. There is no manual. I checked to make sure all the wires were there, but...I should have known. Everything ELSE at the sale was overpriced, of course they wouldn't let a $60 kit go for a buck. So I researched it out. Contacted the company. You know what that puppy costs to replace? $20. Plus shipping.

I'm thinking about buying a whole kit off ebay, asking them to trash the kit and send me the manual.

Any other ideas?

Oh, and VAIL? I hear ya on the drive thing, but frankly, the closest midwife is 45 minutes away and would miss the birth if it went that fast anyway. I say if the baby comes that fast, bring it on!

Hubs delivered calves in his early life. He thinks he can catch this one.

Look at that. I just saved myself $3000. I wonder if the insurance company would pay him?

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Megan said...

Hi Jamie! I haven't run in to you online in a long time! Glad to see you are still writing...