Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Six Years Ago Today

I was packing for my trip to the hospital. Four states away. And terrified that a woman I never met and probably would never meet would dash my hopes like so many did before her.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) I will celebrate a birth that I suffered through but wasn't even sure occurred.

A year ago I wrote the last letter that I would ever send to the woman who made me a mother. I offered more if she would just express an interest and she didn't.

I wonder if she hurts tonight?

Wherever you are, I thank you. He is a joy and a treasure. We will never forget what you did for us. You are never far from our thoughts and you gave our family more than you could ever know.

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kpjara said...

Is this the post? Surely not!

Is there more to this story here? Am I going to have to dig into the archives to find it?

Suzanne said...

What a thoughtful and kind post. Thank you for sharing it.

Rod said...

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