Saturday, July 26, 2008

Strike Three!

Our AC blew last night. Or rather, some coil that makes the AC work.

When he said it was the coil instead of the main AC, I got excited thinking, oh, a couple hundred bucks.

I feel almost sorry for my reaction when he told me it would be $1230.

I even used the word "freaking." (My neighbor once asked me if Christians used the word freaking trying to catch me in sin. I told him that all the Christians I knew were still sinners, so probably. Now we know it for a fact.)

I was nice to the guy. Sort of. In the exasperated, I-can't-believe-this-you-wouldn't-believe-what-we've-had-to-shell-out-this-week kind of way.

I told Hubs I feel like Job. I don't want to curse God and die, but I may want to curse Dave Ramsey.

See what good an emergency fund does ya? You have EMERGENCIES!

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