Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dare I Say It?

Because you know children make a liar of you.

(I think Charming might, possibly, potentially, be (shhhhhh) potty trained!)

I was kidding about the little swimmers, but lo and behold, we have only had one accident since. In a WEEK. And he's telling me when he should go instead of the other way around.

My sister says that despite the fact that he is 26 months old, I can leave out a few facts and sound really elite: "Yeah, the TT was potty trained before he was weaned. I know, I'm awesome. Give me the parenting award." See how good that sounds? See how great it will sound when I'm bragging to his wife someday? Just leave out the details and my head can swell three sizes.

He has SO got my number, though. He asked, oh, 15 times for me to put on "Cars" to my muttered "in a minute"s until he sat on the potty (fully clothed) in front of the TV and said "Mommy, Dee!" Guess who came a runnin'?


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I am so happy for you, but...I'll just say it...I am so jealous! He is so young! My boys were 5, or so it seemed!!!!

Yay for you, though!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Chaos-Jamie said...

I'll have you know he has had TWO accidents today. I KNEW I shouldn't post that up.