Thursday, June 11, 2009

Speed Limits

Last time I checked, it wasn't criminal to go the speed limit. You'd think it must be with the look the guy shot me when he flew past and nearly caused a three car pile up. (I was shooting my own look which is why I know. I imagine he was shooting me the "stupid woman driver" look, but since he was the idiot, I think he should be looking in the mirror.) To top it off? The guy had a firefighter tag on his SUV. You'd think a first responder would have a clue about driving fast and carelessly. Maybe that's just me.

And on that note:

My kids are in what we call "Nature Camp" this again this week. The speed limit to the camp (besides the 70 mph highway where the idiot firefighter (NOT in a firetruck) nearly killed us) is 20 mph. It is crazy insane. There are a couple curves where the 20 would probably be advisable and goslings flitting by the road that don't want to die by car, but I can't help but think they could set the limit at at least 25 which is where my car wants to go on those curves and hills. And while I was pondering that it occurred to me that if it was 25, my car would probably want to go 30.

Ya think?


mommy4life said...


MotherT said...

If my husband were in the car, it would be EXACTLY the speed limit. Me?? My daughters??? Yeah, probably NOT!!!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

You just reminded me about me dad's driving. If you get him talking, he actually SLOWS down. Yes, I have seen him go 20 mph without meaning to. I have the opposite problem.

We used to joke about it when we were kids. If we were in a hurry we would beg everyone to not talk to dad. And, sometimes, we had to mess with each other and get him into a serious conversation while the other one gaving dirty looks.

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Lynette said...

Funny you mention that because I took 435 N (on the KS side)home from your house the other day. I assume that's the stretch you are referring to. I don't travel that way often and was STUNNED by how fast the traffic was flying by me. And I'm one who routinely goes 5-10 mph over, so it's not like I'm piddling along myself.