Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's official.

I am OFFICIALLY frustrated that I am not an award winning writer.

Which I assume means I need to start writing again.

So that I can actually qualify as "writer" with or without the "award winning" qualifiers.


Melinda said...

I understand. I always wanted to win the Newberry Medal. This year I was "supposed" to start writing again. But I blogged instead. My daughter says I need to stop blogging and write. But people (a few) read my blogs, and occasionally I have written things that made other's think, "yeah, me too." That's what I always wanted with my writing, to say something that made other's feel less alone. That's nearly as good as an award.

I read your blog, (one of the few I actually always read when I see you have a new post) and always smile with understanding at your words. For example, my birthday SUCKED this year, so I understood your frustration. Your words make me feel less alone. So, I'd say you are a writer. Keep it up. I'd miss it.

Melinda (a fellow writer)

Sr. Citizen said...

Frustration, Frustration, Frustration. Today is my birthday and it was wonderful. I got to make coffee and take a cup to my pretty wife while she was making herself pretty - just for me! All my little girls ( all growed up ) called. Not one word about their crappy birthdays a few days ago.

All is well except I don't have a clue what the Newberry Medal is. The only medal I ever got was not being shot on the Army. The one you get for getting shot is bigger and prettier, but if I had that one, I wouldn't have all those wonderful girls. Just a gardening plot pushing up daisies.

Yep, even a birthday that SUCKS is wonderful. I never have to worry about how old I am, I just ask the boss lady ( that I get to take coffee to ) and I will be the same age for a few months, then she will pave the way for the next wonderful birthday. O - her birthday is Feb. 14. Probably some meaning to that. Could it be a special day? Now where did I leave my coffee cup? Sr.