Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Slow Burn

To say that I triple pink puffy heart Mary DeMuth's books would be an outright lie.

(How's that for an opener?)

I triple pink puffy heart her writing.
I triple pink puffy heart her ability to captivate me.
I triple pink puffy heart her bravery when writing.
I simply gasp in delight when I find out she has a new book out (when I can pick it up in a blog tour it's even better).
But I can't say, I love her books. And I hate that because they are so darn good.

She tackles issues that I wouldn't touch. I once tried to write an abortion into my novel and simply couldn't do it. Too much controversy. Too much pain. Mary? She tackles sexual abuse and bitterness (Watching the Tree Limbs), interracial relationships (Wishing on Dandelions), child abduction and domestic abuse (Daisy Chain), and drug abuse, infidelity, tiptoes around abortion, and again, interracial relationships (A Slow Burn). But the overriding theme in all her books is redemption. And that's why I keep going back. Life isn't full of pink puffy hearts, for the most part and reality can be ugly. But redemption? It's there--in Jesus. And, as usual, Mary didn't disappoint. A Slow Burn is full of suspense and full of love and full of story and full of redemption. But it sure takes until the final, final, final to get there. Here's hoping book three hurries itself out.

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Mary DeMuth said...

I triple heart puffy (whatever) heart your review! Thanks SO much for reading the book and reviewing it. What a blessing!