Thursday, October 01, 2009

In no particular order

I saw a man, yesterday, decked out from head to toe in bright purple and white plaid. It takes a man secure in his masculinity to pull that one off. He looked pretty secure. I still don't think he pulled it off.

I used coconut collision shampoo on my hair last night. I smell like a fruit today. I doubt it will be enough reminder for me to actually buy grown up shampoo. Some things I simply can't remember.

Speaking of plaid, I saw an ad recently wherein a teenager was wearing the same outfit I was back in 1984 when my mom declared, in no uncertain terms, "You look like an orphan." Apparently the orphan look is back in. (Black leggings, hot pink and black plaid long shirt belted at the waist)

Speaking of leggings, CARRIE, I told you you'd wear them again. (I don't think Carrie reads my blog, but hey...)

My kids slept until 8 this morning. Aside from the frantic scramble to get them out the door ten minutes later, it made for a nice morning. Considering some of them got to bed pretty late, it should also help with the afternoon.

And I guess that is it for my nonsense this morning.

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Sr. Citizen said...

The unconvincing Purple and White dressed Gent might be a slightly confused K- State guy married to a KU Lady.

I know of one family with that situation. takes a lot of making up after disagreements. They have 8 kids, all home schooled. For what ever that is worth.

Took pictures of all of them with my Texas hat- belonged to my granddad/then my dad, and he wore it proudly in the 1950's. I lost my Oklahoma hat or would have had then wear it and got their little minds focused in the right direction. Now if I could just find my coffee mug. Sr.