Monday, October 19, 2009

The End of Procrastination

Today (and over the weekend) marks the end of several months (or years in one case) of procrastination.

Desk out of garage: Check!
Sort paint: check!
Sort cleaning chemicals: Check!
Library books and movies returned. Check!
Change picked up from church: Check!
Change dumped: Check!
Change taken to bank. Check!
Bath mats returned: Check!
Curtains returned: Check!
Post office: Check!
Paper to paper retriever: Check!
Deposit tiddly check: Check!
Two loads of laundry: Check!



Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

What can I say other than "WOW"! I'm more like Pa Kettle, I'll get around to it one of these days.

MotherT said...

I'm impressed!!! Want to come do it at my house??? (Maybe, just maybe, Sir Nottaguy-Imadad would help.)

Kathryn Lang said...

I rushed over here from Twitter thinking that you were going to give me the secrets to killing procrastination but I guess I just gave it a little more life by taking the trip, huh?

Chaos-Jamie said...

No KL, Unfortunately there's a reason the blog is named surviving the chaos rather than conquering the chaos.

The secret to a day of procrastination avoidance, however, seems to be a sunny 70 degree day after weeks of cloudy 40something days. I could take off the blanket and move around a bit.

Senior Citizen said...

Broke out in a sweat and collapsed in my office chair just reading this. Could you come do the garage while Mrs. Sr. if in Florida?

Sr. Citizen

Chaos-Jamie said...

I think it may be better to attack the garage when mom is home, Dad. Which I offer to do every other time I'm in town. She never wants to. Which I totally understand. Gah!

Sr. Citizen said...

Agggg, I'm droondingggs in sacks of quilt scraps that Mrs Sr MAY make another quilt for more grand munchkins that may come along. Darn fertility fog is ruining my life. so place to sit around and I never can find my coffee cup... Now, where could that cup be. O-yah, who is Dad, this is a no name blog I thought. Darn coffee cup Sr

mommy4life said...

all this while I floundered in bed with the flu.... I can only hope my strength fully returns so I can aspire to such productiveness!