Friday, February 26, 2010

In the continuing saga that is Princess and reproduction

This is a two part story.

Part one: My kids like to watch Amazing Race. Amazing Race always has the obligatory gay couple or two. My kids have, until this time, been clueless. Until Monday when Princess turned to me in the middle of the show and asked me, "Mom, what's 'gay?'" Ummmm....... (My explanation, which was very brief and lacking in most detail basically said they like men instead of women. 10 seconds later, when they introduced the lesbians, we had a similar discussion.) Her response? "How very sad. They can never have babies."

How does she know this? Do you suppose she's playing ignorant?

Part two: So, Princess get's Ranger Rick magazine. I handed it to her in the car on the way home from school. She's reading along while Eldest and his buddy AM are riding in the rear. "Mom! Listen to this! In seahorses, the mama seahorse has something called an ovipositor which she uses to deposit eggs into a slit in the daddy's abdomen where they grow! (Mom says "oh really? I knew the daddy carried the babies, but I didn't know how they go in there....interesting....."OH CRAP what are they putting in Ranger Rick these days what will AM's mother think about our car conversations please, please, please let it stop here!) Princess' response? I didn't know it was called an ovipositor. Hey listen to this....."(continues on with another page of animal bliss).

After pondering this conversation for several hours, I have come to this conclusion: I am ready for the talk now. "Remember how in seahorses the eggs are deposited by an ovipositor? Well in humans it's the same thing but in reverse. We call it a spermipositor."


Anonymous said...

First, let me agree with the first comment. Especially line four, which is the only one I can read.

Second, I did not know it was called an oviopsisisititiroror (I'm not going to hit the "back" button to get the spelling) either. Riding home with you proved fun AND educational for AM :P.

Along the same line, I also did not know it was called a "spermipositer", lol. Sounds very Terminator: Reproduction.

Chaos-Jamie said...

Henceforth in house chaos, those little turtles will be referred to as spermipositors. Think of the ease of "the conversation."

Just go read your Ranger Rick son and you'll know what it's for.

Except they won't, because think of the questions this would lead to and I'M not answering the boys. That is the job of the man of the house.

Anonymous said...

Which is reason 102 that I'm happy I only have boys :).

mommy4life said...

Oy! Let me know how the convo goes. I know mine isn't far behind.....