Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Word to My Fellow Idiots

Dove (and others, I'm sure) makes a body wash with microbeads. I think they are for exfoliation. I don't use body wash. I'm a bar kind of woman. Call me crazy. (Not my point, as usual.) Dove (and others, I'm sure), when trying to get you to buy a new product, includes a little version of the big version of what they want you to buy "free" with another of their products. Dove did so with this beaded body wash. As I don't use body wash, and when I get a body wash "free" with bath bars or shampoo, I use the body wash in my soap dispenser.

DO NOT DO THIS if said body wash includes microbeads.

Microbeads do not like soap dispensers. Microbeads clog up soap dispensers.

Just in case you are like me and have idiot moments, let me save you on this one. Donate the microbead body washes to a shelter. Do not try to be frugal and use it in your dispenser. If you must be frugal, leave it in the Dove bottle and set the bottle next to the sink and use it directly from the bottle.

This has been a service message from itiots-r-us to save idiots from ruining their soap dispensers.

Thank you.

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