Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just in case

I'm having a panic attack that someone who links over here from Temple Transformation will read the following post and wonder how such a snitchy person could be worth linking to from such a great post. I'd love to say something holy right now to throw you off but I've got nuthin' but an Amen to my sister.

Dream a big dream! 

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Senior Citizen said...

Reference the following story(')You must have inherited it from me. I can get most folks to look my way and even smile - perhaps a little howdy howdy - except in the berg you live in (original residents only) outsiders seem to be wonderful and give pause for hope - just move in and nice them to death. They might even move to DC and join the other know it all folks.

Now, if the know it all folks could just help me find that darn coffee cup. Last time it was being used for a soap holder - hope it's not in my underwear drawer as a hint for a way to use the soap. Sr