Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What Your Son Isn't Telling You

I am a mother of boys. Three boys to be exact. I have sisters. I am clueless (though, after nine years, improving). So when Bethany House asked me to review What Your Son Isn't Telling You; Unlocking the Secret World of Teen Boys, I thought I'd better.

Oh. My. Word.

Before, I was clueless. Now I'm terrified.

I had long ago decided that as long as you feed them and feed them well, they will love you. It seemed to work for my MIL. But I guess life isn't all about your boys loving you and having full tummies, is it?

In this book, the authors tackle some hard issues. Issues you aren't used to reading about in Christian literature. Because those are the issues that teen boys face. It isn't all about proving themselves (and full tummies). Or I guess a lot of it is about proving themselves, but the areas in which they feel are necessary to conquer in order to be manly...ouch.

In this book you will find chapters specifically addressing issues that teen boys face and then specific solutions to help your son navigate through these areas. Chapters are about Anger, Homosexuality, Internet (and those pictures they can find on there), Lust, etc., etc.. I was particularly fond of the chapters entitled "The Furious Five: What Guys Need" (FYI, they are Identity, Friends, Boundaries, Help dealing with his sexual feelings, and Confidence.), and "What He Needs From Mom." For, while my boys are still in the preteen stages (down to toddler), (almost all of) these things are good to incorporate into our relationship now.

Did you know you shouldn't tease your boys? I'm still not sure about this. My boys sure like to tease. But I do see the purpose behind not teasing him about his looks and such. And never mean spirited. (Duh.) No sarcasm? Oh, no, I'm in trouble. Which leads to the major point of the book: Seek the Lord on your son's behalf, for and with him. For with God, all things are possible. Even navigating the teen years with your son.

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Senior Citizen said...

No comment. Mrs Sr and I only had girls - resulting in boys, boys, boys always coming around. Took all my energy to run the bums off and give the slightly alright ones a little access. Got to pick 3 out of 3.

Now if I could just find that darn coffee cup - surely she would not hide in in the shower to hold her wash cloths - would she? Rats - who needs boys - Mrs can do it all herself - and its a good thing. Sr. Citizen