Thursday, July 29, 2010

Beware the Evening VBS

You'd think that a week of immersion into the Bible would make my children strive to be better people. Quite the contrary. I've seen/heard so many fights and tears in the last three days that if I weren't working VBS, my children would NOT be attending. I have a good mind to leave them at home anyway.

I don't think it's VBS. I think it's the timing of VBS. 6:30-8:30 IN THEORY. I don't think they've gotten out before 8:40 yet, and by the time all the parents finally get to the nursery (where I am) to pick up their kiddos, and I get out to retrieve my kiddos, it's 9:00. By the time we get them home and into bed and asleep, it's 10:00.

I do understand that many, many families function in this time zone in the summer. We do not. As evidenced by all the great weeping and gnashing of teeth that takes place around here by my over-tired children who WILL NOT SLEEP IN.

In the school year I praise God for my early risers, but this week, I just wish they would sleep until nine once.

(I should throw on an afterword that goes something like this: the theological discussions in our van have been delightful. (I should probably not say "in between the fights and tears") And: my kids LOVE VBS and clean up their act when I threaten them that if they don't they won't be going. VBS is a good thing. I know this. Evening VBS can even be necessary for some families. This is a good service to provide for someone, I'm certain. I am trying to get over myself. Go easy on me. I'm a little stressed.)


MotherT said...

Our church has hosted an evening VBS for the past 4 or 5 years, also. I agree with you, it's the timing. My grandkids are very much schedule sleepers, and if they aren't home and headed to bed on time it gets ugly!

Senior Citizen said...

Hey - I understand. Our church is having a revival all this week from a little before 7 to about 8:45 to 9 PM> I can't even stay awake Sunday morning for 2 hours, and two hours in the evening - it's impossible, so my sweet pretty lady ( Mrs. Senior ) lets me off. Mostly. but I get to find my own munchies. I try to read, but always go to sleep after about 5 to 6 pages. She does wake me up at a little after 9 so I can get to bed by 10 - Yawn !!

Now, where is that darn coffee cup? I've checked the ceiling in all the bedrooms and kitchen, Do you suppose she hid it in the sink with the stuff I didn't get washed? Sr.