Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In the continuing saga that is Princess and reproduction IV

Yesterday, while reading a complex book about butterflies, Princess hollers from across the house, "WHAT'S SEX?" (Mind you, this was about the third word she didn't understand among others like pheromones, etc.)

I, being of sound mind, yelled back, "Gender. Like being male or female." (Please, God. Deep breath.) "Well, depends on how it's used." Walks upstairs. Reads book. "Yeah, it means how they determine if it's a boy or girl."

I'm going to HAVE to have a talk with her whether she's ready or not. Because she is quite possibly going to public school next year and will need to not be the class idiot that doesn't know what EVERYBODY knows at that age. Gah.

I'm gonna miss our little Christian school.

(Oh, wait, you all don't know about all this yet, do ya? We're moving home. Finally. Details soon. I promise.)

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MotherT said...

I am snickering at this saga.

When my daughter was expecting her little girl, her son (7 at the time) was eager! to know all about how babies were made and how they developed. My daughter was an absolute basketcase trying to decide how much info was enough.

Reading things like this make me very glad that I'm the grandmother now!