Friday, November 12, 2010


Two weeks since our last showing. Two. Weeks.

There are two scheduled for tomorrow. Two.

Two days before we were planning to cancel our listing altogether.

It is pouring and our yard looks like crap. Covered in leaves.

I am not raking 25 bags of wet leaves off my yard in rainy 50 degree weather.

This feels very much like one of those messages from God.

I'll paraphrase. "You have absolutely no control of your life. Do you believe me yet?"


Wendi said...

Thanks for the reminder. (and start packing)

Senior Citizen said...

After 20 plus years as a real estate broker ( many years just broke ) I have seen many, many, many houses sell when NOT all cleaned up - MOST folks looking do not live in super clean houses and DO not relate - SO just relax - make some hot chocolate and go to Mickeys for an hour. If it doesn't sell, RELAX.

Just don't hide the darn coffee cup - drives me crazy when Mrs. Senior does that to me.