Monday, February 28, 2011


That seems to be my status quo since we moved. Content. And I'm not saying everything is easy. Not in the least. It's more like....

Hacked off at my husband....and content.
Tired of my kids fighting...and content.
Sick of the cold....and content.
Annoyed by people...and content.
Wishing there were a Target nearby...and content.
Craving Chinese food...and content.
Desperate for my house to sell...and content.
Unable to sleep well...and content. (And perpetually sleepy.)
Worried about the state of the country...and content.
With few friends (people are friend-LY, but I still spend most of my time with people who have to put up with me because we're related rather than because they genuinely desire my companionship)...and content.

I'll be driving down the street, rehearsing something in my mind, furious at something said or done to me or someone else, and realize I'm the only one on the road and I heave a breath and discover that under all that fury, I'm content.


MotherT said...

I Tim. 6:6 Godliness with contentment is great gain. Glad you are finding the good amidst the realities of life!

Senior Citizen said...

Hey, in this Boro, everybody is related to somebody and most of them. Quit talking to strangers, didn't you mommy teach you anything- "learned that in the city"

At least nobody hides your coffee cup,,,,O - just roasted the best coffee beans ever. Find a cup and come on over. Sr. ( Really Good Picture )

Mrs. D said...

Not true! :) By the way, the diet food was great! If I were Brent I would put it in the rotation...thanks again. It meant a lot to me!