Sunday, February 13, 2011


For all my city friends who have heard me lament the lack of sunsets. God gave me this beauty last night.

I actually gasped when I looked out the window. Stood up from dinner with food in my mouth, grabbed my camera and had five minutes alone with my sunset and its Creator.

And for Andrea, who questions whether I live close enough to call it country: this is what is on the other side of that row of houses. I know Tami wouldn't agree, but after what I've come from, I'll call it close enough.


Michelle said...


Sr. Citizen said...

Yep, it's all true. I saw it from the other side of town. Unfortunately, there were a lot of trees and houses in front of me. I get the sun rise deal, course young folks rarely see things that early.

In case you are worrying, I found the coffee cup this morning and made a really good brew - roasted to perfection - coffee as it should be.


Mrs. D said...

Great pic! And, you would be right...we're definitely city folk :).