Friday, July 01, 2011

annoyances, small and large

1) If my husband EVER accompanies me to the grocery store wearing a shirt that says, "Will sell wife for Beer":
     a) he will not be accompanying me home, and,
     b) he and his shirt can go live with his mother.
2) the public health department, together with Kansas seat belt laws, needs to make up their minds. As it is cruel and unusual punishment for parents and children alike to put children back into car seats after they have legally graduated out of them, it is close to evil to yearly change the rules about vaccinations so that a child, who has been promised "no more for five years," still has to be stabbed EVERY year because some moron somewhere randomly decided that if they were older than four when receiving the last two dTaP shots they are OK unless the last two shots were given less than six months apart even though in order to get into school, the last two shots were to be given one month apart...and this was perfectly acceptable last month. I mean seriously?

3) re:2) this shot is due to the newly returned whooping cough epidemic which doesn't seem to care if children have been vaccinated or not as I personally know children who have and have not been vaccinated and got it anyway.

4) re:3) three of my children have had whooping cough. Guess which ones are "behind" on their whooping cough vaccine, even though they have been completely vaccinated (as of 2010, before the dang rule changed)?

5) re:4) Guess which children will have to be vaccinated against whooping cough, even though they have had it, in order for us to adopt a child from a developing country?

6) what is UP with the new Polio regulations? The vaccination cards clearly read that the kids' vaccines are good for two more years and yet the PA has declared them "not up to date," but didn't explain such a line to the mother. My guess is that she doesn't know, either, but the chart said it so it must be right.

7) insurance that covers NOTHING.

8) cancer striking again. (not in my home, thank God)

9) mortgages and crappy markets

10) microbiology degrees which hold no clout when held up against the vaccine chart. HELLO! Vaccines give you a little bit of the disease in order for you to not get the whole thing. The whole point of vaccines is that you can't get the disease twice. If you've had it, you don't need to be vaccinated against it. Do they teach public health nurses nothing in school? (My mother is a nurse, don't even try to attack me for not understanding. I'm not attacking all nurses....just the ignorant ones.) THUS, my FOUR children who have had chicken pox do NOT need the vaccine. Nor do they need the dTaP, Td, people, Td. I let you do it to my kids once, but so help me, not again. This is stupidity at it's best. "Well, they MAY have had whooping cough" (no mam, they HAVE had whooping cough, call the doctor) "regardless, that might not provide sufficient immunity. they need the shot" (are you flipping kidding me?) Oh, and this took place in JoCo, not here. Locals need not get their panties in a bunch in defense of their friends.

11) That shirt deserves a second mention, too. Imbecile. I'm pretty sure I didn't recognize the woman. If your husband has this shirt, my apologies. But may I suggest rereading and considering 1)? Have a little self respect. There's humor and then there's humor. Humor that is used to degrade a person you are supposed to love is not humor, it is hurtful. 

12) CANCER. Oh. My. Loving Father. WHY?!


Unknown said...

Who are you using for a home study social worker?

Senior Citizen said...

Ref: #1 How about a shirt that says - " if momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy?"

Or, where the heck did she hide my darn coffee cup? Sr.