Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Choices, choices....

On Monday, they were notorized, clearanced and fingerprinted.

On Tuesday, they dealt with the medical community.

On Wednesday when she asked him if he could bear to knock out 40 more minutes of the ten hours of online "parent training" they must complete by July 10, he responded with, "Why is it you have two eyes in these pictures and now you only have one? Well, I chose to gouge out my eyes rather than endure another minute of THAT."

When, rather than go to the website to begin aforementioned training she opened her blog and began typing and giggling, he demanded, "Oh, you're not really going to post that are you? Nothing is safe anymore."


Probably had to have been there. But I needed that laugh.


MotherT said...

I snickering right along with you. Men say the funniest things!

MotherT said...

Well, that was supposed to say "I am", but of course, I published before proof reading.