Saturday, June 25, 2011

Only in the 'Boro, Vet edition

So, I took Nonny the Evil into the vet today because as part of our homestudy, her shots have to be current. They aren't. And why? Because I almost never know where she is so how would I stinkin' know when to book an appointment. And I forgot to budget in the GNP of a small country.

So last night I called the vet who offered me "right now or tomorrow?" Unlike 2009 when I was given one option. After I responded with "right now would be great, but the only time I have a remote clue where she is is first thing in the morning." He said, "How about tomorrow at 8:45." That'll do. Because Nonny the Evil will probably either be crying to get out of the garage....or into it.

But 8:45 on a SATURDAY? For a last minute appointment? What am I going to have to pay for THAT? But I took it, yes I did. And what did it cost me?


It turns out my mother-in-law isn't insane for believing $100 would "more than pay" for her shots. As opposed to JoCo where people have pets instead of children and call children expensive.

Long story short(er): No more JoCo vet visits for me.

I think I'll take another kid, please.

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