Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Bring Blake Home

Grab This!

There have been times when I've posted or re-posted for people who are adopting, something about their story pulls my heart strings. I don't know them, but maybe I feel like I do, like some people feel like they know me after reading all the things I would never say in polite conversation.


I know these people. I don't KNOW, know these people, but I know them. I've prayed with Anna. We've chatted at the pool. I've taken one of her zumba classes. She's a real person. It isn't some person in some place who is adopting a child with Down Syndrome. I will get to watch this child grow up. So, I'm appealing to those of you who know me or think you know me, but don't yet know Anna, to help bring Blake home. He's in my sidebar and I'm relatively certain that if you click on him, you'll get to a tax deductible giving page.

And make sure you visit Anna's blog. She's doing several different fundraisers and you can read her heart regarding Blake.

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Unknown said...

Oh wow! Thanks Jamie. I appreciate your support.