Friday, August 19, 2011

Oh, Eilat...

The recent devastating happenings in Eilat have made me nostalgic enough that I shall subject my readers to further slideshows from Israel. The Red Sea/Eilat portion. I will not apologize. It is one of my favorite places on earth. And is spectacular for people watching, though I have not included most of my people watching/make fun of Mediterranean people They have enough issues without me laughing at their hammer pants.

View of the port and Red Sea from my balcony.
Egypt is in the background.
 sunset/night view of port
Egypt is back there behind the buildings.
Sunrise view opposite night view.
In the background is Jordan and the Port at Aqaba which was also bombed.
Eilat underwater observatory
Jordan in the background.
At the "petting" portion of the aquarium

reef at Eilat

from the top of the underwater observatory "There's Bill's boat!"
Jordan in the background. Starting to get a clue about how closely these people live and how serious this is?
Angel, rockin' the turtle eggshell

Smell the Bedouin.....Feel the Bedouin
The Bedouin are virtually the only peacekeeping force in the portion of Egypt which borders Israel right now. Tell me: does this look like a peacekeeping force? Peaceful, yes. Peacekeeping? Um, no.
Cassandra in Stepford

Smokin' some serious hooka

 Bungee cannon on the boardwalk

Bridge sign. Speaks for itself.
Broadening horizions increases compassion. Today I weep for Eilat.

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