Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Oh, How the Mightly Have Fallen

I have a tendency to say We Don't Get Sick.
My mom thinks we are sick all the time, but I don't agree.
However, this week? I'm prone to agree with her.
I stupidly exposed my children to a stomach bug, when I knew better.

Saturday 2 AM: Eldest falls.
Saturday 5 PM: Iris falls
Saturday 6 PM: Charming falls.
Sunday all day: Family stays sequestered so as to not share our germs with the world. 
Monday 2 AM: Mom falls
Monday 9 AM: Frodo falls
Monday 11:30 PM: Eldest has a resurgence.
Tuesday 2 AM: Dad falls

Princess is BEGGING me to get her the heck out of here. No one wants her because she might be toxic.

Princess has also hypothesized that all those years of licking things she shouldn't have, like shopping carts, have finally paid off.

Pray for us.

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The Brew Crew said...

Sounds like a fun time!! :)