Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Desire is Back

So, anyone watch Idol last night? Generally I just tune in the last 5 minutes of a results show to see who is going home, but I admit, they had me curious. I'm not a big "benefit concert" person. I give where I give and it isn't to secular groups, so much. I have a list of Christian organizations that I trust and when we give, that's where the money goes. And really, that hasn't changed. Though I'll admit that I actually picked up the phone and voted for Melinda as many times as I could get through and I rarely vote. Every dime helps. Apparently there were a lot of people who thought so, but I like to think my $0.60 got in before those last 20 million votes. :-)

That wasn't my point. Goodness I'm scattered.

But watching those poor children in Africa last night....I know that bringing one or two home doesn't really help anyone but the one or two. But man, they re-lit the fire. I thought that once I had the baby my desire to adopt from Africa would wane for a while.

It hasn't.

I thought that I might feel so overwhelmed with four kids that I would really put on the brakes.

I haven't.

I probably want to bring one home now more than ever. Until last night, though, I still wanted an infant, eighteen months or younger. Now I really think the big ole gap between Frodo and Possum is probably a God thing. I think I might grab myself a three year old. Just as soon as Hubs gets the funds in order. Shoot, anyone under 7. Still honoring the birth order thing in regard to Eldest. But Princess would probably adore a sister who is actually her age.

I know there are a lot of programs to build the communities in Africa. Teach a man to fish and all that. I am a loud supporter of those groups. World Vision in particular. Go, sponsor a child today if you don't already. And there is another group called Hope for Orphans that needs your money. Yes, yours. I know that Focus on the Family is participating in the orphan's push. We need to care for "the least of these." Those groups are just the tip of the iceberg and I appreciate every one of them.

But man, darned if I don't want to just scoop one of those kids up and bring them home with me. It may not make a difference in their community, but it will make a difference to them.

"For pure and undefiled religion is this: to care for widows and orphans in their distress..." James 1:27


Aline said...


we have IDOL in Brazil (we copied) RIDICULOUS...

Well now you may understand what I wrote in my blog
have a great day!!!!
you havent told me about "good memories" when talk about brazil

Melanie Dickerson said...

I wanted to adopt SO BAD when my youngest was a baby. By the time she was about one and a half, the desire totally left me and never came back. Of course, it may be a totally different story for you. You're probably more of a nurturer than me. :-)

Aline said...

honey, I dont know how to dance and I hate dancing lol....I dont like Brazilian music - I love rock roll. lol...
I hate Samba - Rio de Janeiro is very dangerous...
and so on..