Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What Was THAT?!

Do you ever hear yourself say something and wonder where it came from?

I am never so conscious of what I'm saying than when I'm with someone I don't know very well. Yesterday I had a new friend over and heard myself say "stupid" a ridiculous number of times. And I told Frodo he was a brat. He was exhibiting brat-like behavior, but we don't practice name calling in our family. (Well, Hubs and I do, but it is all in love. Right, babe? ;D)

When I"m with my in-laws, I say "seriously" a LOT.

With my family it is "however."

What is that all about? I'm not saying I don't say stupid, seriously, or however all the time, but to step it up. Weird. Brat I'm not sure I've used in a decade.

Do any of you have pet phrases that you lean on?


Liz said...

"totally" and what's worse? I hate to hear it said.

And in Missouri they say "Whenever" rather frequently. For instance, a sentence that would normally read "I went to Walmart and as I was picking up the groceries, I busted a jar of pickles." Perfectly good sentence. In Missouri it's "Whenever I went to WalMart, whenever I was picking up the groceries, I busted a jar of pickles."

See? ARG!

Chaos-Jamie said...

I've "totally" heard that! I thought it was an Oklahoma thing. At least the people I know of who do it used to live in OK. I wonder if it is a Southern Missouri and Northern Oklahoma thing? Meaning, of course, equatorial distance. Thankfully, "however," I "seriously" live north of the "whenever" border.

Mandy said...

I'm not sure if I say these a lot, but I know I write them a lot (and then have to go back and delete ... a lot ... um ... do I say "a lot" a lot?)

Sorry ... okay, these are mine:

Seems like I feel the need to qualify things, hm? James, you might have stumbled upon a brand new psychological discipline!