Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Today I'm wearing my "maternity" shirt (that was never big enough for a belly) that says "Supermom" in what Princess calls "Bedazzler." I'm going on the philosophy of The Power of Positive Thinking. Or, as some people in church circles call it, Speaking into the Good. I'll let you know how it works.

Frodo has taken to wearing a pair of underwear on the top of his pants. When I asked him if he was Captain Underpants, he told me no. "I'm a superhero." Not Captain Underpants? "No, another superhero." I finally figured it out. Go look at your superheros. Particularly Superman and the Incredibles. They have an underwear looking thing of another color on their suits over their parts. Back in the 80s we wore undergutchies over our bodysuits in dance. I didn't know it gave me superpowers.

Eldest's eyes are swollen and miserable. Claritin is only making a small dent. Anyone have any suggestions?

Possum soaked me to the skin three times yesterday with projectile vomiting. Tis time. I hate this though. All my babies have done it. They don't have an automatic shut off valve so I have to do it for them. After only about five minutes of nursing. Because I could feed A SMALL NATION. And I feel mean because they don't get to fulfill their sucking reflex needs. And Possum gags on every pacifier available. Which means I have to train him to like his thumb. Like a fool (will say my lovely Mother-in-Law who reads this). So I'm trying to suffer through without the thumb (though he REALLY liked it last night). But my endurance isn't great, especially as the night hours grow long. What to do? What to do?

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