Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Wonder Years

Frog has become Possum. That is, nocturnal. Until further notice...

So, I'm not a TV watcher. I have my programs I like, namely House and Grey's (yes, I know it is trashy), but other than that, the TV doesn't really go on. Unless I have a baby. One that doesn't like it when I hold anything but him (primarily a book). Then I go stark raving mad and eventually give it up and turn on the tv. Which, in turn, makes me stark raving mad.

Sitcoms aren't funny anymore. I'm not sure when it happened. I suppose while I wasn't watching TV. Do you remember when Thursday night TV was hours upon hours of hilarity?

Am I just getting old?

Any-hoo, we have a friend who insisted we weren't getting all the channels that we could get with our antennae so he set us up with a few more. Not sure why we get these channels, but thank goodness we do. At least until Possum turns back into Frog. Or until we can justify cable (which will not happen until the Chiefs aren't on the networks.)

I watched Mad About You. STILL FUNNY.

Then I watched a dude lose 80K on Deal or No Deal. NOT FUNNY.

Then I watched The Wonder Years. When they started playing the theme music Hubs and I looked at each other. Hubs said, "No way! Do you think we'll still like it? All I know is that that Winnie Cooper was HOT!"

I tell you, that show was, and still is, hilarious.

And Possum finally gave it up...in time for the thunderstorms that awakened the rest of the clan.

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Mandy said...

The Wonder Years is, and always will be, my favorite show. It had story, character, heart, and humor. Awesome.